Faerie Forts


A Faerie Fort in Newbliss, visible from Glynch House


Faerie Forts: What's the story?

    Faerie forts are mystical places.  They sit on hilltops and consist, from what we have seen, of a circle of trees surrounded by one to three moats and a dense thicket of thorny shrubs.

    As we entered the fort at Newbliss, my son Emrys glimpsed, ever so briefly, a small white creature diving for a hole in the ground.  Jeff claims to have been cut by faeries when he climbed into another fort with Grace, thus spilling blood of a McMahon on that mystical ground once again.

    Legend holds that man must protect these places on the landscape and that ill fortune will befall anyone who does them harm.  These are the places where the faeries of Ireland still hold reign, in some other dimension that we may only catch glimpes of.  There are numerous examples of ill fate falling upon those individuals who have used axe or bulldozer to clear these places.

    Also referred to as ring forts, archeologists claim an historic human use.  You may make your own decisions about whether archeologists or myth rule these places.  This writer will say no more....

  The 'Crysalis'

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the beginning of creation and the transformation into a higher creature or being. Here we have a faery spirit all huddled into herself, awaiting a rebirth or just emerging from it, much like a caterpillar would into a butterfly. Around her is a border of plants, beginning as roots, then as dormant plant shoots, and then to buds and blooms of flowers as you follow them up the border.

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