MacMahon of Dartree
Introduction to Genealogy
Ardgal MacMahon
d 1427
Ruadri Clan Ardgail MacMahon
d 1446
others Aodh Ruadh Eoghan Redmond
  Lord of Farney of Dartree of Luchtighe
  d 1453 d 1467 d 1484
  Manus Aodh Og   MacMahon of Lucht-tighe
      Sean Buidhe
Clan Ruaidri meic Ardgail MacMahon MacMahon of Farney d 1492
Aodh Conn Ardgal
d 1505 d 1531
Aodh Og  m 1 d/o Con Baccach O'Neill Ross Philip
d 1577  m 2 d/o CuConnacht the Coarb Maguire f 1551
Colla Sir Brian m 1 Catherine d/o CuConnacht Maguire Ruadri Ruadri Eoghan
f 1551 na mBarrog m 2 Joan O'Reilly d 1594 f 1591
  d 1622 m 3 Mary O'Neil, d/o Tyrone      
  1 1   2   2 3                    
Conn Catherine Aodh Ross Art Og Una Brian Og Aodh Og Selly Gilla- Capt. Eoghan Eimhir Brian Conn Ruadri Og Aodh Ruadri
f 1591 f 1641 f 1591 d by 1606 d 1634 d c 1640 d 1644 Padraig Redmond d 1638 Og to Sweden    
m Hugh m Evelyn d/o   d by 1606 f 1641      
O'Reilly Eimhir mc CuUladh          
Philip O'Reilly Patrick Mary daughter Capt. Rory Og Ardgal Conn Ardgal Patrick Redmond Conn Eoghan Eimhir
b c 1598 c 1610-1635 m James f 1641 d 1642? f 1606 of Ballylisnespane, 1641 d 1628  
    McSweeney   m Evelyn ni  Donnell  
Aileen  m Colla Conn Rev. Arthur   Sean Eoghan Conn Og Tuathal Ardgal Ruadri
niece of Owen Dubh Augustine Sally Buidhe f 1641 f 1641 Buidhe
Roe O'Neill   to Flanders b c 1588 f 1641
Bernard Hugh Conn Patrick
m d/o Art Og Primate m a MacMahon of Corravilla Return to: The McMahon Story
mc Art Roe  d 1737  
McMahon of             
Slack's Grove Cullagh Bernard Ross Roger
Rockfield d 1747 d 1748
(conformed) @ 70