Michael Patrick McMahon


Michael was born in Tullamore and immigrated to the US in 1911.  He married Catherine Moffitt of Ballintuber, County Rosscommon.  They settled in Chicago where they raised their family.

From left to right: Harold Follis, Michael Patrick McMahon (formerly Mahon of County Offaly), Helen McMahon, wife of James, Mary (McMahon) Follis with son Hal, Johnnie and Catherine (Moffitt) McMahon.

A Christmas gathering 1947.


From left to right, front row: Michael and wife Mary Francis behind him, James and wife Helen behind him, John, behind John is Cathy on the right, Mary next to her and their mother Catherine (Moffitt) McMahon in the middle of the ladies.

Michael was born Michael Patrick Mahon on January 23, 1887 in Tinnycross, County Offaly, Ireland.  His parents were Joseph Mahon and Eliza (Seery) Mahon.

Joseph and Eliza were married on November 18, 1884.  Joseph's parents were John Mahon of Cooldarragh Rathrobbin, a farmer and Rose Malloy.  The Malloys were the local chieftains of this part of Offaly before being displaced by the British.  Joseph was christened in 1845, the same year that John and Rose were married.  The birth records in Killoughy Parish where John Mahon would have been born go back to 1825 but John's birth is not recorded, suggesting only that he was born earlier or at a time when recording were not common.  It was not legal to practice the Catholic faith in Ireland until 1829 and so records were deliberately not kept. 

Michael Patrick Mahon emigrated to the United States in 1911.  He had an older brother John and younger siblings James, Mary, and Eliza.  Two other children (Joseph and Rosina) were born to Joseph and Eliza but they passed away at a young age.  At the time of the 1901 census, the Mahon family lived at house number 1 in Ballysragh, Tinnycross, Tullamore.  By the 1911 census, both John and Michael had left home.    The 1936/37 Electors Lists shows Eliza Mahon the mother, another Eliza a daughter and James Mahon living at home.

Eliza's father was Michael Seery.  Her mother may have been Mary Anne Seery.  (Mary Anne attended their wedding and her father was listed as dead, but Mary Anne's relationship was not identified on the marriage certificate)

Michael and Catherine Moffitt were married on November 7,1917 at the Church of the Holy Name in Manhattan, New York City.  They subsequently moved to Chicago where they raised their family.

Catherine Moffitt was born to Edward Moffett and Marcella Roddy in Barnahawla, County Roscommon on October 28, 1890.

I'm looking for a family member more familiar with the story of our grandfather and grandmother to complete this page.

Where we are today - I'd also welcome a page on the families of each of the children of Michael and Catherine.

Jeff and I (and Linda and Michael) were born to James pictured above.


Pedigree of

Michael Patrick McMahon

(Mahon of County Offaly, Ireland)


born 23 January, 1887 in Tinnycross

parents were:

Joseph Mahon and Eliza Seery

siblings were:

John (a Christian brother), James, Mary (and two children who died young)

Joseph Mahon was of Cooldaragh Rathrobbin and married Eliza Seery of Tinnycross on 18 November, 1884

Joseph Mahon was the eldest son of

John Mahon and Rose Malloy, born in 1845.  His birth certificate has a hand notation 'bastard' next to the entry.  John and Rose were married shortly after his birth and went on to have a number of children.  The Malloys were local chieftains of some rank.  I've not been able to track the Mahons farther back than this but the name appears to the south and also to the west at a crossroads with the river Shannon.


~ information researched and compiled by James P. McMahon,

son of James P McMahon

son of Michael P McMahon of Tinnycross


~ Jim McMahon

August 2003

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