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Thirty  years experience with a history of demonstrated accomplishments in community conservation, watershed planning, river and wetlands restoration, endangered species protection, property and project management, business development, marketing , and creative problem solving.  An acknowledged innovator in the development of environmental solutions.




CONSULTING ECOLOGIST,  Provide  consultation on water quality issues to individuals and businesses across the country, see: www.cleanairpurewater.com  Represent a variety of manufacturers of high quality  water purification systems.    2002…


SOUTHWEST UTAH DIRECTOR, Grand Canyon Trust, St. George, UT.  Responsible for the management and attainment of the Trust’s goals throughout the Virgin River watershed.  A primary objective was the protection of three endangered native fish species in collaboration with private landowners and public agencies as a participant in the Virgin River Program.  1999 - 2002


AREA DIRECTOR/PROJECT DIRECTOR, The Nature Conservancy, Peoria, IL.  Managed a successful effort to engage and empower local farmers and community leaders to develop a watershed management plan to protect and improve water quality in the Mackinaw River, Illinois’ most biologically diverse river.  Managed numerous projects to restore natural function within this watershed.  Promoted to Area Director with responsibility for management of Conservancy properties (5000 ac) and programs throughout central Illinois.  Managed an annual operating budget of about $1,000,000.  1994-98.


NATIONAL MARKETING DIRECTOR, May Manufacturing, Denver, CO.  Established an aggressive, low cost, national marketing campaign to introduce a new environmental equipment concept and product line.  Developed successful private and public sector models, including Loveland, CO.  Produced sales video, generated national and international media, and increased annual sales from $30,000 to over $400,000.1990-94.


REGIONAL MANAGER, 2020 Recycle Centers, Los Angeles, CA.  Managed a private venture start-up to implement California’s ‘bottle bill’.  Accomplished the establishment of over 200 recycling centers within four months.  Managed a staff of 230.  1987-88.


As CONSULTANT, won a multi-million dollar contract for Waste Management, Inc. with City of Seattle to implement curbside recycling collection, one of the first such programs in that nation.  (1985-87) As DIVISION MANAGER, established a seven state aluminum can recovery and processing business. (1980-85) As PROGRAM PLANNER, developed the City of Seattle’s successful recycling strategy, introduced variable trash rates, and achieved 24% recycling rate. (1979-80) Established one of the first curbside recycling programs in the nation at Fremont Recycling, established Washington State Recycling Hotline, the Washington State Recycling Association, and Seattle Recycling, Inc., (1974-79) 




BS Ecology, University of Illinois, Champaign, IL 1974


Coursework toward an MA in Deep Ecology at Naropa Institute, Boulder, CO 1992-93


Coursework in river function and hydrology, business planning, teambuilding, negotiation, writing, and economic development, including ‘50 for Colorado’.


Senior Fellow, Independence Institute, a non-profit think tank, Golden, CO 1990 -1993


Published essay ‘Closing The Loop’ in The Next West, Island Press, 1997


Coursework in the energy healing methods of the Quechua Indians of Peru.


Publish and manage website on the history of the Kingdom of Airghialla in ancient Ireland.


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