Famous McMahons Today

This page provides a list of individuals descended from the septs of Mahon or McMahon and a link to their websites.  Please do frequent them, learn about them, or do business with them.  These are just a few of our clan.  If you are descended from one of the Irish septs of Mahon or MacMahon you may have your website listed here.  First provide a link to this site, send me evidence of that.  And send me your name, link, and one or two sentences describing your site.  Please do join us.

Names are listed alphabetically by first name:



Bryan T. McMahon, editor and publisher of: The Ponchatoula Times; lots of Celtic news in and around Louisiana


James P. McMahon, ecologist and entrepreneur:  one of the nation's recycling pioneers, then worked in community conservation and river restoration, now working in the water industry, see: www.cleanairpurewater.com ; aids people in solving water quality problems in their homes and represents several high quality water purification systems.


Jeff McMahon; www.jeffmcmahon.com; Jeff McMahon is a Chicago writer who has won national and international awards for commentary and acts of journalism. He is also a writing instructor at the University of Chicago and the editor of Contrary magazine.


Katie McMahon,  http://www.katiemcmahon.com; Katie was the original lead singer in the Riverdance show and is featured on all CDs and videos of that show. She was born in Dublin, Ireland but now lives and works in Minnesota.


Larry McMahon, Hypno-Training: http://www.larrymcmahon.com; Larry helps people in Ireland, to heal and lead a happy successful life.


Tim McMahon, jazz drummer in San Diego: http://www.timdrums.com  "McMahon uses his kit imaginatively navigating the ensemble through an emotionally variegated landscape."


~ Jim McMahon

April, 2004

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