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A word about copyrights: I've gone through a great deal of trouble to secure permissions or to comply with people's credits requests before publishing copyrighted material.  If you want to use any of the materials you find in these pages, I suggest that you do the same.



Much of the Celtic artwork we used was taken from Celtic Web Art.  This acknowledges that her work is copyrighted and thanks Karen Nicholson for her obvious hard labors and for its use. 

For a fascinating site that includes artwork, some of which we have used and which this statement hereby acknowledges, visit Aon Celtic Art:

Cari Buziak at Aon not only has celtic art clip freeware but also a fascinating reading room that lists great sources of books on Irish history and Celtic music CDs, jewelry and artwork.  A must visit.  And Emily Broder is a sweetheart.


The Ogham language characters were taken from the copyrighted book Ogham, An Irish Alphabet by Criostioir Mag Fhearaigh



The copyrighted maps of Oriel and MacMahon's Countrie (Ire 1400) were used with the permission of Dennis Walsh, publisher of Irish History in Maps.  There is a link on the County Monaghan page.

The map of the territory of the tribes of the Airghialla was taken from the 1998 booklet The Origin of the Three Collas and the Fall of Emain by Donald M Schlegel and published by The Clogher Historical Society.



Photos of Ballymacdermot and Clontygora (County Armagh) shown on the page of Airghialla are hereby acknowledged and used with the permission of Brian T. McElheron, publisher of the Stone Circle Web page at The Stone Circle  Photos of Beaghmore Standing Stones and Emhain-Macha or Navan Fort on the page of the Legend of the Ulaid... is hereby acknowledged and used with the permission of Brian T. McElheron, publisher of the Stone Circle Web Page.

Photos of Lisnadarragh, Srahwee Wedge Tomb, Caldragh in County Fermanagh and Churchtown spirals are hereby acknowledged and is used with the permission of Dissident Editions, Downpatrick, and is taken from the Field Guide to Megalithic Ireland.  Many thanks to Anthony for his great work.

Grace Moloney provided many of the photos within the site, beginning with the overgrown gate on the first page, the gravestone marker, and the plaster artwork on a wall in Monaghan also on the first page; several photos of crannogs on the crannog page, and the gravestone on the fall page.  Once again, and I cannot say it enough times, many thanks to Grace for all of her fine aid.  Without it, we'd have been wading in the dark with no help at all.

The photograph of the three bears found at the church of Armagh was sent to me by the church and is used with their permission.



Donald M Schlegel provided the very extensive analysis and revision of the genealogy done originally by scholars of an earlier time.  Don has spent many hours helping us flesh out the accuracy of the story we portray and many years in the study of Airghialla.


Irish Annals:

The ancient Irish annals were painstakingly copied item by item from texts in which the copyrights had expired.  Many of these texts are now available online.  We didn't know that at the time.  The online documents provide a much more accessible means of finding these records of Irish history.  I've not looked into the copyright status of those.



Many thanks to Grace Moloney, Donald Schlegel, Brain Mac Domhnaill, Jeff McMahon, John MacLoughlin, Shane Anderson, Linda Kobilca, Dr. Katharine Simms of Trinity College in Dublin and others for their efforts at compilation, feedback, proof-reading, and thoughts regarding the development of this site.


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