thought by some to be a former McMahon castle, or 'tower house' circa 1500s,

not far from Lough Leck    


Exploring the tower in Maghernacloy















Note the chute above what was an entrance.  The chute was for dropping stones or boiling oil on visitors.  We were known as a friendly clan.





Caislean Mathuna - a former castle site near Castle Blayney


Other MacMahon castle sites we've found listed:

Conaghy ~ OS 12:11 4 NPL OK 200-300 H 5577, 2695

Concra ~ OS 25:2:3/6 NPL H 84, 18

Dawsongrove Demesne ~ OS 23:1/5 NPL H 60, 17

Killycoonagh ~ OS 12:14; NPL H 54, 26

Killykeskeame ~ OS 12:11: 3 NPL H 57, 27

As you can see, there's a lot to go exploring for.


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